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Fiduciary News

Has New Tax Law Twisted Business Owners Best Interests When It Comes to Retirement Savings Plans?


Rules For Success

Financial planning for professional athletes


Investors Savor Treasury Bonds

Rising interest rates haven’t dampened Treasurys, giving investors time to their portfolio placement.


Why Company Bonds Gain Interest

In the long run, investor-financed lending can outperform stocks in a way that’s more steady than sexy.


Letter to Investors

Annual letter to investors recapping the past 12 months and our outlook for the new year.

News Feature

Five Star Wealth Manager Award Winner (2018)

Michael Olivia has been recognized by Five Star Professional and awarded the 2018 Five Star Wealth Manager Award, as published in the Wall Street Journal and San Diego Magazine.


Park Avenue Securities – Week In Perspective

Hurdling Headlines The stock market successfully hurdled several key macro events, including the testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, the latest policy decision from the European Central Bank, and the UK general election, only to get tripped up by tech stocks on Friday.


‘C’ vs. ‘S’ Corporation

Business owners often express this concern because, as they do nothing to prepare for their eventual departure, they suspect that they should. These owners are on to something.

White Paper

Exit Routes for Business Owners

When business owners start to think about exiting their companies, the number of possible exit routes can seem limitless, but in fact, there are only eight.

White Paper


Today, all owners face three significant headwinds that increase the difficulty of a successful business exit.

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